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This is still not enough! I jumped out without even wiping my face. Laughing out loud, Natasha, in just panties, with tense arms tenaciously grabbing Igorka by the hips, dragging him towards her, crouching on the floor Igorek, clutching a piece of cheese in his mouth, mumbled frightenedly and fought back with one hand, trying to grab onto some support with the other. It looks like he turned the table over, trying to hold on to it.

Looking around the kitchen, I suddenly noticed something interesting in the half-open cabinet, right next to the door. Opened - a gun! So many weapons in this dacha! Normal Makarov! Pulled out the store - incomplete.

She looked back at the battlefield. Without stopping chewing, Igorek, skillfully maneuvering, almost unhooked from Natasha and in a minute, probably, he will be able to have a full meal.


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