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You can also download PC Games from online stores with No-CD Game Fixes, No-CD Patches, and No-CD Files.Q: Initializing a lot of List of different type in C# Here is my scenario: I have 5 classes, each class with a method that returns List. That's why I am using "List". I have to initialize in code 5 lists of type List but of different type. So I used the following lines of code: List intList = new List(); List strList = new List(); List boolList = new List(); List doubleList = new List(); But is there a way to initialize the lists in one line of code? Thanks in advance. A: You could use a Dictionary>. You would initialize it like this: var dict = new Dictionary>(); dict.Add(typeof(int), new List()); dict.Add(typeof(string), new List()); If your classes are serializable, you can define a constructor like this: public class MyClass { public MyClass(IList str, IList bool) { } } You can then do: MyClass c1 = new MyClass(strList, boolList); MyClass c2 = new MyClass(intList, boolList); If your classes are not serializable, you can define a method: public static MyClass Create(IList str, IList bool) }





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