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The OCEA prides itself on a rich history of advocacy for our students, our schools and our profession.  We need YOU to join with us as we work to improve all aspects of the educational world be it Oregon City, our state or the nation. 

Governor Kate Brown

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Throughout Oregon, rents and housing costs have skyrocketed. People and families are struggling to afford their homes. Too many hard-working Oregonians worry that they are being priced out of their community. Measure 102 would lift the ban that currently exists on government working with non-profits and local businesses to build affordable housing with bond funds.


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Measure 103 is a risky and dangerous experiment that would lock an unprecedented, unnecessary and flawed tax loophole into Oregon’s constitution.  This measure would retroactively ban a so-called “grocery tax” that doesn’t exist in Oregon.  No other state has a massive tax exemption for one industry in their Constitution.


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Measure 104 is a wasteful and unnecessary constitutional amendment that would lock in tax loopholes and perks for special interests and increase political gridlock. It would risk a government shutdown and threaten Oregon’s schools and healthcare.  Oregon already has a supermajority requirement to protect taxpayers from needless taxes. Measure 104 is designed to protect special interests, not taxpayers.


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If passed, would throw out Oregon’s common sense “sanctuary law” that protects Oregonians against unfair targeting, interrogating, and detaining simply because they are perceived to be undocumented immigrants. Oregon’s existing “sanctuary” law passed more than 30 years ago with broad support from Republicans and Democrats for a very important reason: to end unfair racial profiling in our state.


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