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Insurance Info

Insurance Open Enrollment

Now until September 9th

1. ALL employees MUST re-enroll for insurance for the new year.  If you do not enroll by our closing date, YOU WILL BE WITHOUT INSURANCE FOR THE NEXT YEAR.


2.  If you enroll in a HSA (health savings account) Medical Plan, you can't enroll in the Flex-125 Plan to have money held out for medical reimbursement.  You must choose one or the other, not both.


3. Negotiations are not yet complete.  Until that occurs operate under the assumption you have the same amount of district insurance dollars as last year. This is $1343.34 per full time person. Part time employees will be prorated based on percentage of full time employment. 


4. From your district insurance allotment will come your district life insurance (50,000), your long term insurance (should be less than $20.00 per month, based on your salary), and district AD&D insurance.  Everyone will be enrolled in these automatically.  You then have the option to select medical, dental, vision and other supplemental insurances. The supplemental insurances will be self-paid through payroll deduction.  These include additional life, short term disability, long term care, and additional AD&D. 


4.If you elect to not sign up for dental or vision insurance, and add it back in a future year, you will receive only basic benefits for the first full year.  (Dental cleaning and eye exam only.) If selecting a MODA dental plan, you will return to just 70% coverage and have to work back up to 100%.


5. Attached are two documents.  One shows the cost of the individual plan choices.  The second shows the covered services and any copay or deductible. 


6. Remember you can lower your deductible by $100 per person for the next insurance year by participating in the Healthy Futures Plan survey. You will be able to click a link during insurance signup to take the survey.  This year only the employee must compete the survey and report the results. This will count for every family member covered under your medical insurance. 


7. Plan options include the following: Medical - all tiered rate. We have PPO/Connexus plans, and NOT Synergy/Summit plans. 

Questions about this crucial negotiated benefit?

Jan Snyder, Interim OCEA Insurance Chair


Questions about insurance?

If you have questions about insurance, need to contact a provider about getting a new insurance card, or make updates to your information, please refer to this website or call the numbers below that relate to your plan:


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